Quality Assurance

High Quality of Health Care

The term "quality assurance" means maintaining a high quality of health care by constantly measuring our effectiveness. For both individuals and staff, Quality Assurance is paramount.

For individuals :- we hold regular meetings with all managers and individuals that are supported by Rely Care to discuss any problems that may have arisen.*

We ask all who are provided with support to fill in a simple quality assurance questionnaire on an annual basis and these are analysed, should there be any negative areas these will be addressed – we look on negative comments positively as we can only strive to be better if we know what we are doing wrong.  

For staff :- career development procedures are adhered to, from the meetings with individuals the staff support we will give staff any feedback. All staff have regular reviews and are observed in the workplace.

*The Agency is available at all times, should the need arise. (Contact details can be found on the Contact Us page of the website.)

Contact Us:

33A Himbleton Rd, 

Tel: 01905 339331
Email: sarah@relycareagency.co.uk